Chandani Music
Chandani Music


Hey my name’s Chandani.
I’m an actress, singer/songwriter but most importantly an artist.

I am from Southern California but was raised in Seattle, Washington. I started in the arts in Kindergarden doing all kinds of theater and continued that all through high school. About four years ago I started writing and singing my own songs and have been in love with being a singer/songwriter ever since. I write about my own stories and my own experiences. Every word in my songs is about something that has happened in my life.

As an artist, all I can hope for is to make people feel something and maybe look at the world a little differently. All I want is for people to connect to my lyrics and what I write about. If someone is going through what I’ve been through and hears my songs they will know they are not alone. If one person can relate to what I have gone through, then I have done something positive as an artist. I hope my music can show people to be who you are no matter what anyone tells you. And to fight for any dreams you may have. I hope my music and music videos make you feel something you haven’t felt before.

Thank you and enjoy!



Chandani "Addiction" - Official Music Video

Chandani "Forgive You" - Official Music Video

Chandani "Baby Blues" - Official Music Video